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Your Trusted Heating and Cooling specialist in the Brampton and surrounding areas for over 10 years. Your homes heating and cooling system has two very important purposes.
  • Maintain your home at a temperature comfortable.
  • Keep the air you breathe clean.


We help families maintain a home ecosystem that is comfortable, clean, and balanced. This may.
  • Reduce family allergies
  • Reduce the time you have to take off work to take care of sick kids.
  • Reduce the $$$ amount you pay to the gas or electric company each month. 


If you are not happy with your home plumbing, heating and cooling, we can put our 10+ years of experience to help you.  



OM Heating and Cooling is a 100% Canadian Owned and operated organization specializing in improving energy efficiency in your home. Upgrading to the highest efficiency HVAC products will ultimately reduce your energy consumption, and increase the value of your property. OM Heating is recommending the best quality and highest efficiency products for your home.

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Cozy and warm home depends a lot on the quality of the heating system set up in your home. Are you taking enough care? Read More »


When things get hot and all humid in the summers, you can avail the comfort of air conditioners for a comfort living. Read More »


Our heating and cooling service is something you can always count on! We provide services for brands like Bryant, Trane etc. Read More »


Quality performance has been the first and foremost thing we focus on. We also have licensed HVAC contractors who could guide you well on all your needs and requirements. 

It's not just quality! 

Om Heating provides you Air Conditioning repair service taking care of the sales, installation and the maintenance for all our customers. 


On-time service is the second principle we follow. No one likes the word 'waiting', we understand that. We assure you quality air conditioning and heating repair service with on-time delivery and support. 

No compromise either 

Satisfaction and quality results always guaranteed. With our in-home analysis and prompt service, you are ought to be impressed with us. We assure you!


If you don't take care of the appliances, they are sure to worn out way too quickly! With time to time maintenance and care, you can save a lot of repair expenses and costs. 

No need to burn the pockets too! 

We offer an affordable cooling and heating system repair solutions. This way you get the work done at the right price and save a lot of money in the long run!


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