10 Key HVAC Tips to Consider for Fall and Winters | Winter Blogs

Winters are here and you have already started running the furnace and humidifiers for a long time now. But are your Winter HVAC soldiers ready to fight this season?

Hello there! We are the Om Heating and Cooling experts, and today will show you the ways in which you can maintain and service your HVAC systems for Winters. If you have already done it, you can still go through the article as we will include tips for better maintenance and longer lifetime.

Winter HVAC Maintenance Tips and Tricks 2019

Did you know that your heating and cooling machines make up to 50% of the total energy consumption? And if they are not running properly or efficiently, then it will cost you a lot by the end of the season.

Just with some basic HVAC steps and home care, you could reduce the electricity bills drastically and ensure a quality life for you as well as your home appliances.

They are doing so for much for you – keeping you cool during summers and warm in the winters. We do have some responsibility for them. 

List of HVAC Maintenance Tips [Special for the Winters] are given below:

1. Replacing your HVAC system

You should consider the age of your HVAC and the electricity bills. If the machine is old enough and you are getting high bills, then you must consider giving out the appliance. Any heating or cooling equipment that has crossed 10 years will now be 40-60% less efficient than before. So yes this

2. Quality of room insulation

Reducing the workload is another way of making things easy for your home HVAC system. So how will you ensure that? Space insulation is a way out! If you keep the room insulated well then you can keep the warm inside and prevent the air from escaping out. This way you can make your HVAC system work effectively and energy efficiently.

3. Cleaning or replacing the air filters

A dirty filter is a big NO! A dusty air filter will block the airflow path and decrease the efficiency of the machine instantly. If you haven’t checked the filter condition for a long time, then here’s the right time! This work is recommended to be done every 3-4 months, and along with that, you can check the filters every 30 days.

Read the user manual of the system to know the best air filter suitable for it.

4. Maintain a clean HVAC system

When it comes to HVAC, it works day and night for you keeping you comfortable and happy isn’t it? So, now shouldn’t it be your responsibility to check HVAC tips for winter and service the machine? Your heating and the cooling machine come with a lot of wires and elements attached. Some of them remain heated up while others remain cool.

For the best efficient use of HVAC, clean and service them at least once in a year. You could even service the unit right before the summer or winter kicks in!

5. Check all the vents for any block

Carry out this work along with the 3rd point explained here. Along with the air filters, also carry out a quick check on the air vents for any block. This can directly affect the indoor air quality, so by doing this, you can assure a comfortable time to your loved ones.

Can you see dirt building up in the air vents? Get in touch with us and book your air duct cleaning appointment today!

6. Keep the furnace in check

If you have a furnace at home, then the main thing that you need to check is the drain line (which is the most affected one during the winters).

Again, if you are using a high-efficiency furnace at home, then it will have a drain line attached that passes from the unit to the outside drain connection. Find the drain line first and inspect the condition – check if they are frozen or jammed with the snow.

If the lines are frozen, defrost them and turn off all the connections to the breaker. Wait for some time and try to turn it on. This should get your furnace started!

7. Install a programmable thermostat

Automatic temperature adjustments can now be done using a programmable thermostat. While the Department of Energy has mentioned that setting the thermostat temperature 5 degrees below for a minimum of 8 hours can save about 5% of the total home energy! You can contact us whenever you feel like, and we shall explain to you the amazing benefits of having a thermostat at home.

8. Keep the outdoor AC unit covered

This is for all those people who forget to take care of the outdoor AC unit. Once the cold season kicks in, you won’t be using your air conditioner for a while, right?

During this time, you can consider covering up the outdoor AC unit with cardboard or buy a separate cover for the same. This way you can keep your air conditioners save from ice, snow and all the debris formation.

9. Professional HVAC maintenance support

It’s important to keep your HVAC system ready for the winters so that you don’t freeze out the whole night! Hence, carrying out a quick inspection and maintenance check in advance could help you make the best of the heating and cooling machines.

Contact your nearest HVAC contractor and get the machines checked twice in a year. [our personal recommendation]

Once you can do for the falls and another one before the spring season. A basic HVAC includes inspection of the electrical switches, belts, pressure valve, machine joints, safety pressure valves, and much more.

10. Safety tips to note while dealing with HVAC

HVAC can be a big fire hazard if proper care is not taken. For that reason, I thought we must discuss some points which you can note down and keep in mind whenever you are dealing with your heating or cooling unit. They are listed below:

  • Keep the HVAC unit at least 3 feet away from all kinds of heat-producing units like furnace, fireplaces, space heaters and others.
  • Do not leave your space heater unsupervised.
  • Replace the broken/damaged plug or cord from the unit.
  • Never plug space heaters with the extension cords. Go with the appropriate plugging option, that fits right for the machine.
  • If you get any unusual smell coming inside the room, turn the appliance off and evacuate the home immediately. Contact the fire safety team during such emergency cases.
  • You could install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at all house levels, and even outdoors wherever necessary.

To book or schedule an appointment, contact our team todayCheers!