Why Regular AC Maintenance and Repair Checks are Necessary?

All kinds of machines require maintenance for their long run and efficient working. AC parts like coils, filters, and ducts need to be checked regularly to run the unit effectively. By cleaning the filter portion, it ensures that clean air is circulated inside the room. This way you are not only taking care of the machine but also controlling the energy expenses.  

You can go for a low maintenance option, but that won’t stay in for a long time.  

Well, all the best ones are high maintenance and you got to keep working on it to make the best out of it! Systems like the air conditioner, furnace, and water heater – each one of them need a quarterly or yearly maintenance. It depends on the way you use, workload, and how much you are taking care of it.  

Why do all the HVAC companies near me focus on AC maintenance? They got valid reasons and things that you ought to know.  

Therefore, I thought why not to post up about the same and share some insights on air conditioner maintenance and why is it carried out. Let’s go! 

☆ Air Conditioner Filter and Fin Cleaning

The task of cleaning the ac filters is the basic air conditioner maintenance work. By doing this at regular intervals will make sure that the ac unit is clean and runs in an efficient manner. If they are not cleaned properly, this can create hindrance in the airflow and make your evaporator coil work harder than usual. Thus, leading to serious machine damage and high electricity bills.  

Usually, the air conditioner filters are attached on the walls, ceiling, or on the ac machine itself. You will find the filters arranged on the input side that faces your room.  

Also, you can make use of the reusable filters, therefore filters apart from this category should be replaced once in a month or two months depending on the usage.  

☆ Drainage Connection and Leakage Condition

Your technician will go through the connection and see for any leaks and if the water is dripping at any air conditioner section. The AC unit may have leaks on any pipe/tube on the inside as well, all of these are checked by the indoor air conditioner experts.  

During the AC maintenance and service, the technician washes the drain and keeps it dirt-free that helps avoid water leakage situation.  

☆ Condenser and Evaporator Check

Ask your technician to clean the condenser and even the fan blades of the evaporator. For the split AC units, the condenser is placed on the outdoor area for which you can coordinate with your HVAC professional.  

☆ Winter Preparation

Another crucial thing to note is how you maintain the air conditioner during the time when it’s not in use. Make sure you cover up the ac unit, disassemble it and store it in a safe place. During the cold weather condition, you can cover the outdoor ac unit nicely, and protect it from wind and debris collection.  

Let’s now talk about the pros of taking care of the air conditioner unit at home or workplace. 

Benefits of Air Conditioning Service and Routine Maintenance 

Still unsure if you want your air conditioner maintenance done? Following are the pros of doing this service at least once in a year.   

1. Saves your life 

As per EPA’s study, almost 9000 Americans have died during the period of 1979-2013 due to the heat-related problem. To avoid this condition, you can check your home’s heating and air conditioning machines once a year and keep yourself save from any mishaps.  

2. Longevity of the Machine 

The direct – definite point of servicing your indoor air conditioner. The more you take care of the machine, the more efficiently it will work. This results in less energy consumption and less wear-tear of the machine as well. In the end, you get a machine that runs efficiently and does its work in the right manner.  

3. Clean air 

Clean air conditioner distributes clean air inside the room. No brainers in this. Your ac unit will filter out pollutants from your room, along with eliminating molds from the air. This way with regular ac maintenance and filter change, you can contribute to healthy living.  

4. No overheating conditions 

Routine AC maintenance ensures that the machine runs in the correct way. Thus, less or no overheating problems.  

5. Your furniture is now safe! 

I have seen a lot of people talking about how their home furniture are getting destroyed with the moisture and humidity. Well, your air conditioner can now do that job for you. A well-maintained AC can save your furniture from warping and even your sleek leather couches from wearing.  

6. Less temper 

This one is just a light-hearted point to add. Hot, summer days can make it all hectic for you! Your air conditioners will be the helping hand here and keep it all cool for you.  

There’s the list of advantages of keeping your air conditioner tuned up. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today 😊