5 Plumbing Problems To Note While Remodeling

Plumbing issues come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, for example, a dripping water or running latrine, right to a sewer framework reinforcement, or a significant funnel release provided for making serious harm dividers, floors, and individual property.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the most common plumbing issues that require your urgent attention. You can overcome or limit the issues from happening by knowing the solutions beforehand.

The following are the basic issues, causes, and things to look after while remodeling them.

Common Plumbing Issues While Remodeling Bathroom

Before beginning renovation, check the below mentioned major things.

Mold (a type of fungus) – Before starting your rebuild, check for how adversely it has affected the pipes. Dark spots, patches of drywall that seem wet, and so on. Molds will be created behind drywall so you may need to free it up to check.

Plumbing – If the first temporary worker didn’t install your pipes appropriately, you have an issue. Call one of our pipe specialists at Om Heating & Cooling, we also provide plumbing solutions, to check your pipes framework and ensure it’s safe to use for your new installations.

Drainage – Poor seepage may mean stopped up pipes, or different major issues like water streaming to an inappropriate spot. If you discover water to pool up in the shower/tub call us! We will fix it.

Venting – Every washroom needs an exhaust fan and external vent. Test your venting framework by turning on the shower & exhaust fan and then check whether your mirror mists or drywall begins to sweat. At that point turn off your shower and check whether the stickiness in the room diminishes – if not, the washroom isn’t vented appropriately. It could be a blocked/harmed fan or you may require an appropriate venting framework. Whichever way brings in an expert certainly!

5 Plumbing Problems to Note While Remodeling

1. Dripping Faucets/Taps

Dripping faucets are so common that it’s rare to seek out someone who hasn’t experienced this issue. It is not just a source of irritation but also a waste of water that can push up your water bill and price you lots of money. One faucet can drip away many gallons over the course of a year.

The explanation for dripping faucets in most cases is an indoor washer that has become stiff, torn, worn, or dislodged over time. Fixing the matter is usually the “Do It Yourself” type – achievable by the typical householder, but it requires the right tools.

2. Clogged Bath Or Shower Drain

Drains generally get blocked up by clogs of hair and soap. Clearing the blockage may require the employment of a plunger or a snake. Sodium hydrogen carbonate and vinegar can sometimes dissolve the clog too. the matter generally gets worse over time, if not treated. The matter will be prevented or minimized by buying a drain guard to catch the hair.

To Unclog Your Shower Drain

  • Adding a mixture to the sting of the suction pad will improve the seal.
  • Make sure there’s enough water within the shower in order that the top of the plunger is submerged.

3. Water Heater Issues

In some cases, you’ll troubleshoot the problems yourself, but many heater issues and HVAC Services Mississauga require professional help because of the complexity and potential for danger.

What Causes the Problem:

Leaks are one of the most common and less complex problems found in water heaters. Mineral deposits also cause problems in water heaters. The deposits can reduce the efficiency of the hot-water tank, reducing the availability of predicament throughout your home. Sediment can even cause strange sounds from your hot-water heater, which are caused by heating and exploding of the sediment or build-up of scale on heating elements.

How to Fix Warmer Issues:

Check the pilot light if the tank runs on gas. If the pilot light isn’t on, the unit won’t produce a predicament. study the temperature setting to make sure it wasn’t turned down accidentally. If you think that mineral deposits are difficult, drain the storage tank to flush out the sediment. If you see water pooling on the ground, call a plumber, and get it replaced by a knowledgeable HVAC technician from Mississauga.

4. Sewer System Backup

Sewer system backups are, frankly, a nightmare. they’re smelly, nasty, inconvenient, and maybe expensive to repair. If you have got multiple drains and toilets not working and a foul odor, this can be a problem.

Responsibility for fixing the problem really depends on the placement of the blockage. Unfortunately, you will need to get hold of a plumber just to locate the blockage, though it’s often worth calling a plumber first.

5. Low Water Pressure

What Causes the Problem:

The main break can reduce pressure to your tap – this might be the problem if your neighbors also suddenly experience low tide pressure. that very same loss of pressure happens if a pipe is leaking within your home. Turn off all the taps, check your meter and wait some hours without using any water to test for leaks. If the meter changes, you likely have a leak.

Another potential cause is that the build-up of minerals and sediment either within the pipes or within the tap. That build-up slows the water flow, leading to a decrease in water pressure.

How to Fix Low Water Force:

If you’re thinking that build-up is the problem, start with the taps where you have got the water pressure issues. Unscrew the tip on the faucet tap for cleaning. Soak the aerator in vinegar overnight to loosen the build-up. If you can’t remove the aerator or showerhead, put vinegar into the bag and tie the bag around the faucet in a way that the aerator or showerhead sits within the solution. Other issues often need the assistance of a plumber to revive water pressure.


Each house is unique, and you might not even experience these issues, however, it’s important to keep a check before the problem takes control over you. Nevertheless, getting them early causes you to finish your redesign within your financial plan!

In the end, if you have other pipes-related inquiries get in touch with us here at Om Heating and Cooling for Plumbing service today!

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