Emergency Furnace Repair Service And Maintenance In Brampton

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Quality heating systems are easy to maintain and gives you a hassle-free service throughout the year. However, this is only possible if you take care of your heating and cooling systems in the right manner.

Emergency Furnace Repair Service and Maintenance in Brampton

Whenever a furnace or air conditioner breaks down at your home, it could be any one of the following elements- heating or the cooling source, the distribution path or the thermostat. You could check on these three parts of your HVAC system and see which of them is causing the trouble.

If you couldn’t figure out the machine problem, avoid the unnecessary wait and get in touch with us asap!

Om Heating and Cooling are here for all your HVAC maintenance needs and repairs. With the help of the finest experts in town, we aim to provide you unparalleled service in the best way possible.

Emergency Furnace Repair And Maintenance Services

For an emergency furnace repair, you got to choose a trustable team of technicians who could solve the problem in minutes! Our team will visit your place, inspect the furnace entirely and come up with a proper suitable solution for the problem.

What does furnace repair service include?

Our team of HVAC professionals will clean and check the furnace system thoroughly. Along with the inspection, we also adjust and make changes to your home HVAC installation for better energy efficiency.

Furnace repair and maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning the furnace in and out. The accumulated dirt and dust on the furnace can reduce the machine output drastically. So, to avoid that, we need to do the furnace cleaning step. Taking the help of an HVAC professional is recommended for this job.
  • We inspect – look for any tears or cracks on the furnace and check for any future furnace issues. Once found, we can proactively work on it.
  • Tests for fuel leaks or fumes. This is important for the oil or gas furnace systems. During this step, the HVAC expert will check the fuel pressure, quality of the airflow, ignition working and more.
  • Lubrication is an essential part, and the motor parts get dried out with time. We apply the special machine lubricant to avoid any motor damage, to keep it running smoothly as per your need.
  • Machine performance check. We test out the machine for the working and see if everything is working fine.

How often should you service a furnace?

Annual maintenance for a furnace system should be done at least once a year. If you are using a gas furnace, then you should probably get it done twice in a year- during the spring and fall season.

How to increase furnace efficiency?

If you need a one-word answer for this, then it will be ‘maintenance’.

You shouldn’t expect the furnace to keep you warm if you didn’t care for it the whole year. All of us have busy lives, we do understand that. However, furnace systems do require some attention and yearly maintenance.

Get a personalized HVAC support for all your furnace and air conditioner needs in Brampton and Mississauga! Om Heating and Cooling is more than 15 years old who has helped a good deal of customers get their home comfort back. Call us today!

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