My Furnace Got Busted Today And I Have No Idea Why!

If your furnace is turning on and off lately, then you must resolve the issue as early as possible. And the furnace not working is the most crucial one of all. You reach home tired and get on the couch while turning on the thermostat – and bam! Your furnace refused to run, and now you are not only worried about the unit but also concerned about the safety of your family!

What if the pipe freeze or the machine breaks down or you freeze out?

Well, the answer is simple – Your HVAC furnace machine needs a quick check up and repair! Usually, a furnace breakdown happens towards the start of the winter season after a pretty long break. We got plenty of reasons for the same, and this guide should help you out.

What does a furnace maintenance check and repair include?

If you are just getting started with the furnace maintenance, then try to vacuum the space surrounding the furnace using a blower.

Next if possible, you can take out the fan unit out and clean the fan blades using a brush. Later, vacuum the fan blades using the vacuum cleaner. This will ensure a clean indoor air quality while your HVAC machine is working.

While you are at home furnace repair, check the oil ports that are usually placed near the motor shaft. If the furnace unit at home got these, then add 2-3 drops of oil into each of the port. Now, most of the modern furnace systems don’t require any kind of lubrication but oiling your furnace HVAC system once a year is a good practice.

If you wish to know more about the furnace maintenance tips and suggestions, you can get in touch with us anytime!

Furnace Not Working – What are the possible reasons?

I know things could sound strange, but the furnace breakdown is real. The following are the possible reasons for a furnace not turning up in your home.


If you suspect a gas leak, then you must deal with it immediately! Once you confirm a gas leakage and it smells like natural gas – DO NOT turn on any kind of light inside the room or light a matchstick! In case the gas smell is too strong, move outside of the house leaving the doors open.

It would be great if you could turn off the gas supply valve (located near to the gas meter on the inlet pipe). You can turn it off by turning the valve by one quarter using an adjustable wrench.

Call the gas service station nearest to your home and wait until all the things are set right. Kindly, do not enter the house until you are sure about the safety.


If your culprit is your home thermostat, then you can surely try on some troubleshooting tips by yourself. Check on the thermostat setting, if it’s set to the ‘heating’ option, and the device is set at a significant value to warm you enough. Another common thing we have noted is the ‘fan’ setting enabled, change this option to ‘heating’ and see if this works for you.


An ideal furnace makes of gas and electricity for the operation. You can say, a furnace produces heat with the help of the gas, and this heat is transferred to the room using electrical energy. Therefore, if there’s any trouble with the fuse connection, then it will directly reflect your home furnace. You can check the circuit wires for any fuse breakdown and check if the furnace switch is kept ‘ON’.


As we had mentioned before, a dirty air filter could cause a lot of problems and it can be another reason for your furnace breakdown. If the air filter is not cleaned at regular intervals and overlooked for a long time, this may shut down the furnace. If this is the case, make sure that the filter is clean and call our trusted HVAC specialist from Om Heating and Cooling for further assistance.


To run any furnace system effectively, it’s important to check if all the system components are working in their best way. If anyone of the elements is malfunctioned or overheated, then this can affect the working of the home furnace working. Any kind of problem that your furnace system is facing should be dealt with immediately by the HVAC experts for the long life of the machine.


Also, another common mistake is not providing enough gas supply for the operation. This could even cause the furnace to shut down or not perform at its level best. You can check on the gas valve and ensure that the valve is turned on completely. The gas valve should be pushed all the way to ON or OFF, there’s nothing in between in this case.

When to contact a certified HVAC expert?

If none of the above tips and tricks helped you solve the furnace repair, then you must call in your nearest HVAC expert. The problem could be a serious one, related to the condensation process or any motor issue – which will again need an HVAC expert for the problem-solving.

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