Things To Note While Buying A Humidifier System

HVAC systems can be confusing, and it’s normal especially when it comes to buying a humidifier. If you are looking out for a quiet or ultrasonic humidifier for your home, then are certain points you should note down.

We shall talk about the humidifier types, features to look out for, and all the vital points to check before installing a humidifier.

Shall we?

Types of Humidifier

There are basically three different ways of humidification system: warm mist, cool mist, and ultrasonic humidifier.

Warm Mist – this one is more suitable for the place with demineralized water. It comes with a heater inside that heats up the water to a boiling point, which is then dispersed out in the form of vapor. They are great at killing germs and allergens inside the room.

Cool Mist – you won’t find any heating element inside this humidifier, instead, there is one wick that diffuses cool mist in the atmosphere. Recommended for places with hard water. People suffering from asthma and COPD conditions have reported that cool mist dehumidifiers make breathing easier for them.

Ultrasonic – this humidifier makes use of vibrating sound waves for diffusing the fine mist. Well, this one is the quietest humidifier type of all the ones listed here, cause of the ultrasonic element. This quiet nature makes the humidifier suitable for your bedroom space. However, if you are living in a hard water prone region, then this humidifier will leave a white residue after the operation.

You can decide on the type of air humidifier depending on the need. Each room humidifier comes with its own requirements and attachments. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand your needs clearly before going up for an air humidifier.


Fans attached to the home air humidifiers are the ones that make noise. The warm mist and the ultrasonic humidifier types are the quietest of all, as they don’t have fans attached for blowing the air out. Depending on the speed you set you will get the noise- on low speed the fan will run quietly, while on the highest speed it may make a loud sound.

If you are planning to install a humidifier for the bedroom, then this is something you must consider. Coming to the warm mist humidifiers, there will be some slight noise of the boiling water – however, that shouldn’t disturb or distract you.

Humidifier Features

In the world of modern humidifiers, you can consider a list of advanced features on the unit! Following are a few of them that is available for all types of home humidifiers:

Auto shut off- This feature can prevent machine breakdowns. Although the humidifier will require refilling every day 2 to 3 days, you can keep your humidifier’s safe from burning out.

Water tank indicator- Yes, this can give a peaceful time to you by letting you know when the right time for the refilling is. So, no more worrying about energy wastage!

Filter indicator- Humidifiers purifies the air to a lot of extents, and the filter plays a vital role in this work. If you haven’t checked the humidifier filters for a long time, then consider cleaning or replacing the filter as per the requirement.

Humidistat- Just like a thermostat keeps a check on the temperature level, you can install one humidistat and check the room humidity to achieve the desired value.

These are the humidifier features that you need to look out for, or I would say your room humidifier must-have. I do understand not all the features will be useful to you, instead consider the specific one you need.

Moisture Control

This is completely your call. If I consider any home humidifier, they come with 2 or 3 variable speed fans for controlling the moisture level of the atmosphere. Whereas there are machines with the hygrometer that shows the moisture level of the room, and the humidistat for better control over the humidification process.


You can either buy a focused personal heater or go for a whole house humidifier. This depends on the room size for which you are planning to purchase. If you are looking out for a high capacity heater for a huge space, then go for a best whole house humidifier system.

Refilling Convenience

Understanding and calculating your daily consumption is important here. Considering the humidifier size is one thing and checking your refilling routine is another. You might have a 2-gallon water tank that runs for 12 hours straight, whereas the 1-gallon would require refilling every 8 hours or so.

This is exactly what you should keep in mind while looking for a room humidifier.

Installation and Handling

You will need HVAC professionals for the installation. Now, some humidifiers would be difficult to handle, they might be heavy to push or move. If the weight of the machine is a problem for you, then it would be better to inspect it for a while. Take some time and check the weight, see if this is something that you can handle by yourself.

Don’t forget to check the filters and their replacement options. Could you provide quality maintenance and run it for a long time? This could help you in better selection and assessment.


Having safety features like automatic shut-off will turn off the humidifier as soon as the water reservoir gets empty. This ensures that your family is safe, and your machine runs smoothly for a long time for you.

Ease of Cleaning

Did you know that humidifiers require cleaning? They can easily invite harmful germs inside your home, and you may not know it! Therefore, we wanted to stress the point ‘ease of cleaning’. Some of the home humidifiers come with a different shape and could make it difficult for you on cleaning.

You can opt for a table-top or the tear-drop shaped humidifier, they are sleek in design and feel – however, can make your cleaning work difficult and tiresome. Therefore, do your research, check online reviews and buy something that is easy to clean!

See the bigger picture!

Maintenance and all that changing filters could get hectic. But obviously, you get to enjoy and have fun with the warmth and comfort of this tiny, cute machine called humidifier. If you are having some queries related to humidifiers or any other HVAC solution, please do get in touch with us!

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