Air Conditioner Installation

AC & Heating Installation Contractors – What Makes a Good One?

Needless to say, hiring the right HVAC installation service is important. Finding someone who can install your air conditioning, heating and ventilation system quickly, correctly and at a minimal cost can sometimes prove difficult, however. With that in mind, we recommend that you look for the following five things in any contractor you consider for the job.

Having A License

Having a license may or may not be required in your state but, if it is, the AC and heating installer you hire should be licensed with the local governing body. Most contractors will be licensed through the State Board of Licensing. You should also find out if the contractor is a member of the Better Business Bureau and associated with any trade associations. These factors usually indicate that he or she is a recognized professional in the field.

Being Professionally Certified

Holding a professional certification is also a good indicator that the contractor is specialist who you should consider hiring. Find out if they are certified through HVAC Excellence or one of the other major certifying bodies.

Established Business History

You’ll also want to ask the contractor two important questions about his or her company:
Deciding how long and how reliably the person has worked will also shed light on the type of business that you’re dealing with.

Supervises The Work

It is not uncommon for the person you talk to on the phone to be different from the one who shows up for work at your home or business. With that said, most good contractors will still keep close tabs on each project that their company works on. Find out who will be controlling the work if you hire the contractor, and make sure that everyone will be properly insured against both injuries to themselves, and damage to your property.

Good Customer Referrals

One final thing you’ll want to look for is a contractor who can provide you with good customer referrals. Giving new clients the chance to speak to past ones is a sure-fire sign that the contractor does good work and will stand behind it.

Air Conditioner Installation

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