Gas Piping

Gas Piping

Gas line repairs are the most crucial ones. If you find an issue with the gas piping, then you should quickly contact the nearest HVAC contractor. Gas leaks can prove to be fatal to you and your loved ones, so if you get the smell of the gas or any leakage sound – get out of the place immediately.
Once you have a safe space between you and the gas line, call our team at the Om Heating and Cooling, Brampton for further assistance.

We also provide our residential gas piping in areas like Vaughan, Mississauga, and Etobicoke! Want to know the work estimation? Find your answers here.

  1. New AC installation
  2. Dryer piping
  3. Whole-house piping connection
  4. Gas connection for outdoor grills
  5. Fireplace piping.

You are looking for an outdoor gas grill setup or a whole-house gas pipe fitting, we provide all of them!

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