Air Conditioning / Furnace / Water Heater - Installation, Repair, Maintenance & Service In Caledon

Air Conditioner Installation In Caledon

AC & Heating Installation Contractors In Caledon – What Makes a Good One?

Needless to say, hiring the right HVAC installation service is important. Finding someone who can install your air conditioning, heating and ventilation system quickly, correctly and at a minimal cost can sometimes prove difficult, We are certified team of licenced technician having 10+ years of experience serving 10000+ customers in Brampton. We have best AC installation team in Caledon.

Air Conditioner Repair In Caledon

Need Air Conditioner repair in Caledon? It may be result in serious cooling issue if not fixed right the first run through by a professional air conditioning repair company. We are a reliable AC repair and service company for all of your heating and cooling services and AC maintenance needs. Residential HVAC contractor is one of our main specialties. When you choose the HVAC repair experts at OM Heating and Cooling, there is no need to search for another AC service company. We repair AC units and ensure that our heating and cooling repairs and installations on homes and businesses are performed very well to the FIRST TIME!  When it comes to repair services on residential AC units, OM Heating surpasses all customer expectations.

Air Conditioner Repair

Customer Satisfaction for A/C Repair In Caledon

There’s no room for error when you need an air conditioner repair in Caledon due to a broken unit. A major problem, such as an issue in compressor, gas pipe leaking may mean it’s time for a system replacement. Call now for the quality services in residential air conditioning repair, installation,  preventive maintenance service in Caledon by the contractor at OM Heating and Cooling. We always remember our commitment to you, our valued customer.

Furnace Installation In Caledon


For furnace installation, you can always count on us. We are a family-owned and operated business with more than 10+ years in the furnace installation / furnace service / furnace repair and other HVAC services. Our team of experts have experience working on heating systems for new construction as well as existing homes. Over the years, our certified professionals have earned a reputation for first-class customer care. When your furnace or heating system breaks down while it is rainy and cold, our team will be there to fix issue immediately.

When you need to install new furnace

  • When your furnace is more than 15 years old.
  • Furnace is not producing heat quickly.
  • Your heating bill is higher.
  • Your furnace is giving weird noise.
  • Furnace repair cost is more.

For decades, the certified and licensed technicians from OM Heating have consistently delivered quality heating installation and replacement in Caledon. We stay up to date and use the latest cutting-edge technologies and techniques to ensure our clients are satisfied with our work. We want to be your choice when you need to replace your heating system. Call today to speak to a specialist and we will help to find the best furnace or heating system to keep you comfortable all winter long!

Furnace Repair & Maintenance In Caledon

Why choose Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Find expert solutions regarding furnace repair and maintenance now in Caledon!

So, according to Wikipedia’s definition – the furnace is one equipment that is used for high-temperature heating. This word was derived from the Latin word Fornax which meant oven.

Having an issue with the Furnace Installation Caledon could be frustrating, but not finding the right guy to do the job could make things more stressful to you. Also, according to Energy Department officials, it’s very important to keep the furnaces and boilers upgraded for a better energy-efficient solution. This helps with building a greener planet and saves your money!


Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Prevent yourself from costly breakdowns with annual furnace maintenance.

OM Heating offers the most efficient service for home and condo buildings to make sure that your furnace is taken cared of without giving you the hassle. We make sure that your furnace will be in its top shape keeping you and your family comfortable during winter season.

The fact you have to be aware of about furnaces is that dirt and dust builds up in the interiors. Un-monitored accumulation of these things causes your furnace to stop functioning properly and can cause costly breakdowns and regular furnace maintenance is what OM Heating does best.

OM Heating assures the efficiency of your furnaces through the following preventive maintenance that will maximize its operating efficiency and minimizing costly breakdowns.

  1. We inspect your furnace’s interior for dirt accumulation or if there are breaks in the lining.
  2. We check the air filters, clean and replace them if needed.
  3. We make sure fan belt efficiency and change them as necessary.
  4. We lubricate bearings and replace furnace cover and reconnect it.

Furnace Repair & Maintenanace

Thorough Assessment of what your furnace might need is required so that unnecessary service won’t be given. This will minimize your expenses without compromising the efficiency of your furnace. Regular maintenance and cleaning will prolong your furnace’s life and, in this way, you’ll be sure that you’ll only be paying for the things you and your furnace need. OM Heating and Cooling gives the best and complete services that anyone can offer and uses the most efficient and effective methods to give our customers satisfaction. We make sure that you won’t have to worry about chilling at home during winter and getting cold.

Water Heater Services In Caledon


Om Heating and Cooling provide you traditional and tankless water heater repairs. So, no matter which water heater type you have, we have a way! Hot water systems have become an indispensable part of our lives, where people use hot water for various activities like washing, cooking, bathing, or carrying out some other work. If you are going through any water heater issue, then do call our HVAC team for prompt water heater solution in Caledon and surrounding areas. We shall go through the problem and recommend you whether to go with repair or replacement considering the machine condition. Contact our team for more info and request your service today!

Best HVAC Contractor In Caledon

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