Using a thermostat along with your air conditioner, it will adjust the indoor temperature of heating or cooling as per your required level. Why do you need this device?
A smart thermostat helps you with saving the energy as well as your power bills.
Our team at Om Heating and Cooling specializes in thermostats and can help you provide amazing benefits for all staying in Brampton and surrounding areas. These smart devices understand your nature and adjust your heating and cooling preferences as you need.

Did you know that a smart thermostat can reduce your energy bills up to 20%?

Control your home appliance using your smartphone

Yes! Now connect your smartphone to the thermostat via Wi-Fi and directly control your home appliances from wherever you wish to! If you are staying away from home and wish to control the air conditioner or HVAC heater for your parents at home – it’s simply a click away!

Schedule repair and maintenance reminders!

Set the time and date for the filter change and get the HVAC maintenance reminders. This way you can relax and let your thermostat do all the work for you! Amazing right?