How Does An Emergency HVAC Repair Look Like | HVAC Basic Tips And Suggestions

You never know when some urgent HVAC work comes up, and you are left all clueless on how and where to start! How much does it cost? Can you carry out a basic HVAC check and maintenance by yourselves? Too many questions, we shall provide you the answers.

Our aim is: to educate and keep our lovely friends and customers updated with the current HVAC tips and trends.

Coming to the HVAC repair, there are things which can wait and others which can’t. Imagine you just had a furnace breakdown at your place, and you have no idea whom to contact or how to troubleshoot the problem. Your Om Heating and Cooling team is just a phone call away! You can get in touch with us for all kinds of query, and even book an appointment at the earliest in an HVAC emergency.

Let’s consider one emergency HVAC repair scenario 1:

Furnace got broke, and you don’t have any way out – later check out on Google and watch random YouTube videos and try out your luck – However, the furnace repair remains unsolved and you are frustrated! Finally, you go ahead and make a call to your local HVAC technician, and again wait in for a few days till the machine is repaired.

Now consider scenario 2:

You are using the furnace for a long time, but suddenly notice some unusual activity with it – slow heating, noise, more run-time, or anything. You investigate this condition and put the HVAC machine into diagnosis by your trusted HVAC professional. Because of the early signs of HVAC troubles, your heating and cooling technician could solve the problem instantly!

This way you got the issue resolved in less time compared to the first scenario. That’s how we need to work! I know most of you guys might be like – dude we are not HVAC pros so how to know when it’s an emergency HVAC problem! There are signs you need to look out for, which we shall discuss in the next section.

Signs of an Emergency HVAC Repair – The Beginner Level

I do come across different HVAC Brampton cases, and while 40% of the homeowners ignore the issue till the last moment.

Things need to change, and at times we must take command of the HVAC systems at home and be more responsible. Without any further ado, let’s find out the early signs of an HVAC emergency, they are listed below:

  1. The HVAC machine is not working. If the furnace or any other HVAC system is not turning on for you, then you may need to replace the complete unit. Book an appointment with us and let our heating and cooling experts inspect the machine for you.
  2. System is not cooling or heating. Next time, when you call up technicians for the HVAC tune-up, make sure all the system components are checked up properly. If the machine is not heating or cooling the room space, then this could be the problem of the inbuilt fan.
  3. Pilot light is yellow. This is not a good sign, and you need to correct the HVAC system as soon as possible. The color of the light should be blue in a normal case, and the yellow color indicates an issue with the combustion process. Call the nearest local HVAC technician and investigate the matter at the earliest.
  4. Refrigerant leak. If your home HVAC system is having this issue, then it won’t cool up space in its desirable way. The only way out is to call a reliable HVAC specialist Brampton and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This not only harms the system but also less safe for your family!
  5. Getting unusual smells from the machine. If you find some different smell coming from your HVAC machine, turn the gas pipe off and get everyone out from the house. Call our team as soon as possible for checking out the condition and quick diagnosis.
  6. Machine is not staying on. This HVAC issue could happen due to various reasons. In the end, your home is not cooled or heated properly, whereas the machine is also losing its efficiency. In such cases, get in touch with our HVAC experts in Mississauga and resolve the issue quickly.

These are the possible HVAC problems that you could face, and there could be more. You always got our back in this case!

Finding the Right HVAC Company for All Your Emergency Repairs

Getting the perfect air conditioning contractor in your city could be a daunting task, especially in the case of emergencies. You will more likely contact the same HVAC guy that you dealt with previously, or they might send some other guy for the job.

If your appliance has got preventive maintenance, then you can reap some discount benefits for the proper HVAC care you are taking. In case you are searching for an HVAC specialist in Brampton, Oakville, Vaughan, and nearby areas – you can contact our team today!

How Much Does an Emergency HVAC Repair Cost?

This could be varying from one HVAC company to another. However, you can expect to pay around $40 to $100 for the technician visit and it could go more depending on the HVAC requirement of yours.

Looking out for a fast service? We solve problems instantly!

Schedule your appointment with us and we shall send our expert team immediately during an emergency. We do provide a wide range of services for ac and heating repair that includes:

  1. Air conditioners
  2. Furnace Repair and Maintenance
  3. Water Heater
  4. Gas Piping
  5. Roof Top Unit
  6. Thermostats
  7. Air Filters

If you are facing any kind of trouble with your HVAC machine, then do get in touch with our team at Om Heating and Cooling! Easy deal, right?

In case you have tried out all the troubleshooting tips, then turn off the machine as running a damaged machine could harm it more! Wait for any professional to come and correct the heating and cooling unit for you. Till then, take care of yourself and your HVAC!


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